The Excimer range is the Rolls Royce of new technology Phototherapy

Indications:  Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Dermatitis, Eczema, Pityriasis Rosea

Certification:  CE

Light Source:  XeCI Excimer light

Technical Specifications

Main Technical Parameters

Production Introduction

308 Excimer Targeted Phototherapy system is a new kind of phototherapy treatment instrument, it can erupt high energy ultraviolet rays. Compared to traditional phototherapy, its treatment accuracy and targeting sharply shortens treatment circle and treatment times. It has the effect to cure the disease within a short period of time.

Operation Mode

Continuously Operation

Power Supply

AC220V±10% 50Hz±2% (output:AC100-240V, 50/60Hz)

Rated Power


Display Mode

8" color touch screen

Output Waveform

XeCl excimer light

Irradiation Area


Lift time of light source

≥500 hours

Irradiation intensity

45 mW/cm2

Time setting range



Laser therapy for psoriasis vitiligo psoriasis eczema treatment
Kernel KN-5000C 308nm excimer laser 308nm targeted therapy for vitiligo psoriasis
2020 new trending product physiotherapy equipment excimer laser 308nm excimer laser for vitiligo psoriasis

1.Promotes melanin synthesis and promotes melanogenesis.
2.Promotes T cell death (Note: autoimmune defects, T cell attackers destroy melanin-producing skin cells, causing loss of melanin in the skin)
3.Promotes the production of vitamin D3.
4.Activate pseudo-catalase.

·         Small size, low cost of consumables.

·         Quick start, one key output, easy to operate.

·         8"touch screen combined with humanized GUI design, built-in minimum erythema dose (MED) test function.

·         Treatment handle works with multi-specification-available shading sheet, realized a precise control of the irradiation range, suitable for different sizes of lesion treatment.

·         Good targeting, no harmless to normal skin, easy to treat the lesions where the traditional light hard to reach

·         Dose and time two kinds of work mode, one machine for multiple use.


 what is Excimer laser

Excimer laser is a laser produced when molecules of an inert gas excited by an electron beam and a mixture of halogen gases combine to form molecules to jump into their ground state. Excimer laser is a cold laser without thermal effect. It is a pulse laser with strong directivity, high wavelength purity and large output power. The wavelength range of photon energy is 157-353 nm, and the life span is dozens of nanoseconds. The most common wavelengths are 157 nm, 193 nm, 248 nm, 308 nm, 351-353 nm

Why 308nm is better?

Clinically used 308 phototherapy has two characteristics compared to other phototherapy methods:

1. Strong targeting, High energy, great curative effect, quick effect, and short course of treatment. Energy is reflected by the intensity of the radiation (also known as light intensity, optical power, spot density).45mW/cm2.

2. Xecl as midum so as to emit 308nm Single wavelength. Avoid other harmful wavelength interference.


3.Only several seconds for each lesion part. Initial time 3-5 seconds, for face and trunk,2-3times start to work,8-15 will be cured.


4.Suitable for children and pregnant women, safe and no side effects from international clinical application data.


Higher output intensity, Quick therapeutic effects

The irradiation intensity is up to 45mW/cm2, and the irradiation time is calculated in seconds, which is faster and more effective.


Accurate targeted therapy without damaging normal skin health

The side wall of the light exit port is made of transparent radiation-proof material,

and  combined with a multi-shaped filter screen window to accurately treat under direct vision without damaging healthy skin.

Prices are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control. 


Excimer Laser Phototherapy Lamp KN-5000C Portable

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