The Excimer range is the Rolls Royce of new technology phototherapy

Indications: Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Eczema, Pityriasis Rosea

Certification: ISO, CFDA

Light source: LED 308nm excimer light

OEM: Available MOQ 100

Illumination area: 22cm2 + 10% (47* 47mm)

Irradiation intensity: 25mW/cm2

Built-in dose and time treatment modes

Built-in MED test function

Can record treatment data


Derma 308 targeted phototherapy is a new kind of phototherapy treatment instrument which can tret Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Eczema and other skin disorders in a short time.

It can erupt high energy ultraviolet. Compared to traditional phototherapy, its treatment is very accurate and targeting, which sharply shortens treatment courses.

High energy, good curative effect, quick effect and short course of treatment. Energy is reflected by the intensity of the radiation (also known as light intensity, optical power, spot density)

Single wavelength, single wavelength is 308m,. Avoid other harmful wavelength interference

   Product Description


Product Name

handheld SMD LED excimer 308nm system UVB phototherapy device





Light Source

LED 308nm excimer light




1.High-intensity LED ultraviolet light, the light source has a longer life, so that the treatment response is rapid,

which can reduce the patient's treatment cycle and frequency.


2. The instrument is suitable for small area treatment, with good targeting, and it is easier to reach the diseased parts that are difficult to reach by traditional light sources.


3. The flexible treatment handle can precisely control the radiation treatment range, and it will not shine on the normal skin, avoiding the damage to the normal skin.


4. Small size and easy to carry.


5. The two treatment modes of dose and time can be selected by the user at will.

6. Built-in MED test program, convenient for users to test by themselves

7. With multiple specifications of the treatment handle hood, users can choose according to the size of the treatment area to avoid unnecessary radiation output.

8. With stand, convenient to place.


9.  It can record treatment data which is convenient for querying historical treatment records.



1.       Light Source: LED 308nm excimer light

2.       Display Mode: 2.2 inch LCD screen

3.       Illuminated area: 22cm2±10%47*47mm

4.       Peak wavelength: 308nm±2nm 

5.       Irradiation intensity: 25mW/cm2

6.       Dose setting range: 0~5000mJ/cm2

7.       Time range: 0~200 s

Excimer Laser Phototherapy Lamp KN-5000G Handheld

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