Wound Healing


APPLICATIONS: Suitable and very effective for treatment of Wounds & injuries, Burns, Bedsores, Anti-inflammatory, Surgical Treatment, Ulcers, cuts, abrasions and many other skin ailments

Function & Features:

1) Semiconductor solid cold light source, combined with unique optical system, provide superlight power intensity output and high-quality light spot, can achieve the best treatment effect

2) High-efficiency cooling system, perfect functional balance, extend the working life

3) Freestyle cantilever design, large range of positions, treatment head can be adjusted in any angle, which can meet the requirements of various clinical or home use circumstances

4) The structure of humanized design can achieve precise position of exposure distance; non-contact temperature monitoring device can make risk reduction

5) Freestyle positioning pole design, large range of positions, treatment head and exposure angle can be adjusted freely, which can position any parts. Perfectly balanced

6) Built-in automatic countdown timer, simple setting, easy to operate

7) Light weight and small, trolley design for easy mobility, suitable for home and clinic use

8) High quality and affordable



 Voltage: AC110V~240V,DC3~4.2V

Treatment area: 50cm2

Work distance:5cm

Packing dimension: 46*69*21cm

Gross weight: 10kg

353mmL x 400mmW x 790H

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LED Infrared Light Therapy, Wound Healing

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