Acne, Fine lines, All kinds of spots & nevus, Scars, Pain relief. Troubled by these skin problems

LED Light Therapy Can.
Change the cellular structure, kill bacteria, provide a suitable environment for new cells, strengthen the production of new collagen elastic protein and collagen, and promote cell growth.
Repair inflammatory acne skin, relieve skin sun burn, can help whiten skin and improve skin elasticity. Promotes wound healing.
Provides an alternative method to treat acne and various other skin ailments. Quick, convenient, comfortable, effective and safe.
Application scope: Remove/lighten freckles, relieve sunburn, pigmentation, improve sun-damaged skin, effectively treat acne & acne marks, folliculitis, Smooth and diminish fine lines and wrinkles, tighten sunken or saggy skin. Reduce pore size, improve rough dry, dull skin. Mild lesion repair, helps with burns, blisters, inflammation, relieve pain, helps wounds heal and recover after surgery or injury.

Light Therapy. In the Palm Of Your HandHandheld, portable and unlike any other personal use LED product on the market. It gives you 4.5 hours of battery life and a choice of interchangeable treatment options (light heads). Whether its helping your teenager with Acne problems, restoring and rejuvenating your skin or treating sore, achy muscles, this is perfect for you or anyone else. Bring it into your life today.

One Device For The Whole Family.

With the easy to swap heads, offers something for the entire family with its blue head for acne, red head for skin rejuvenation, or red/infrared combo head for pain management. is the perfect, portable companion for people of all walks of life.

  FOR ACNE: Blue 415nm LED light kills vulgaris, P. acnes Bacteria which causes acne breakouts. Blue light creates a biochemical reaction in the bacteria responsible for acne that causes the bacteria to self-destruct. It has been proven to reduce the propagation of the bacteria and help significantly reduce the skin inflammation .Effect:Activate the production of the protoporphyrin  within acne, leads to single oxygen release, kill propioinibacterium within acne, rapidly remove pustule, improve the skin surface. For acne features blue light at 415nm. This wavelength has been studied and clinically proven to combat acne by interacting with the surface of the skin to kill the P. Acnes bacteria. The reason this is the perfect treatment option for acne is that it is not only safe and side-effect free, but unlike other treatments, it directly attacks and kills the P. acnes bacteria responsible for the appearance of blemishes and scars. You have the choice to use either blue light alone or a combination therapy of blue and red light which not only destroys the P. acnes bacteria, but assists in the recovery afterwards due to the effects of the post-treatment red light procedure. 

Skin Rejuvenation

For skin rejuvenation utilizes a combination of red light at 633 nm to target the middle layer of the skin. Clinical studies have proven red light to produce more collagen in the dermal layer of the skin which smooths over wrinkles and fine lines.

 Red colour (660nm):boosts blood circulation which increases collagen and elastic production reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Improve cell viability, reduce pore size, reduce wrinkles and rejuvenation.

Effect: Fully absorbed by fibre cells to promote cell growth; stimulate cells to produce collagen. Thickening and restructuring the dermis structure, smooth and increase the elasticity of the skin

For Pain

For pain management utilizes a combination of red and infrared wavelengths at 633 and 850 nanometers. Clinical studies prove these two wavelengths to be effective in reducing inflammation and managing pain by warming the inner tissue of the skin.




 With 48 nano-scale genetic biological wave LED cold light sources KN-7000C Features With pulsed operation mode, replaceable single lithium-ion battery, and endurance of battery s120mins.Small volume and light weight, easy operation, convenient for family use with Mini USB, use USB power adapter or connect to computer for charge

PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR HEAD CAREFULLY and let me know on purchase completion which head/light source you want. Additional light heads extra. Please let me know. Questions welcome

This package includes 1 x mother unit (or base unit) plus 1 x head of your choosing. Additional light heads are $85 each.

RED Light: Anti-wrinkle

BLUE       : Acne

YELLOW : Whitening

RED & BLUE : Acne Improvement
RED & YELLOW : Wrinkles & Whitening
RED & INFRARED: Pain Relief 

1 year of warranty
Standard packing list :
1 pc complete unit 
1 lithium battery
1 goggle
1 USB cable
1 charge power
1 bag

LED Light Therapy, Acne, Wounds, Blemishes KN-7000C

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